Al is surrounded with many friends, co-workers, and fans who prove to be just as interesting as he is. Below are just some of the people that agreed to sit down and speak about Al.

Stefan Ilnitzki

Stefan Ilnitzki is the drummer for UNDERGANG. He has known Al for many years and discusses many interesting aspects of his friendship with Al.

John Thomas - UNDERGANG

John Thomas is the bassist for UNDERGANG and a long time friend of Al’s.  He speaks about the history of UNDERGANG, his friendship with Al, and relates several fun stories about Al, on and off the stage.

Nathan Zadoc Angell

Nathan Zadoc Angell is the frontman and lead guitarist of CNY band Zadoc…and The Nightmare , guitarist for UNDERGANG , and singer and guitarist for blues cover band The Sweathogs . Along with UNDERGANG, Nathan also worked with Al and Tom Carpenter in a P.I.L. tribute band called Anglo Ambience. He was a long time fan of Al’s before finally getting to work with him.


Al joined Papership on bass in 2009. Guitarist Ivan Elk, guitarist Col. J.P. Marx, and drummer Jules Luv sat down to talk about what a blast it has been since Al joined the band.

Tom Carpenter - Omnipotent Figurehead

Tom Carpenter is a local legend in his own right; he is behind and is responsible for a multitude of important happenings within the music scene, local and national. He is a long time fan of Al’s and worked with him and Nathan Zadoc Angell in their P.I.L. tribute band, Anglo Ambience.

Tom Merrick - High School Friend of Al's

Tom Merrick is a high school friend of Al’s and was in Al’s first band: Squeeze & The Blackheads. He is currently the lead singer and guitarist for Crankdaddy . Tom sat down to relate a whole lot of fun stories regarding Al’s youth.

Laura Nassar - Friend of Al's

Laura Nassar is a long time close friend of Al’s. They enjoy many adventures together, including dancing, beach adventures, and apple picking.

Charlie Hatem - Co-owner King David Restaurants

Charlie Hatem is co-owner of King David’s Restaurant where Al has worked since 1989.

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