11-03-12: Wow! It has now been almost a year since my premiere of SMEAD at The Palace, and I am still amazed at how many people turned out to see our little film. In celebration, the DVD price has now been lowered permanently to $10.00! Order yours today by clicking HERE! Stay tuned for the next SMEAD screening announcement!

2-25-12: The next showing of SMEAD will be at the next Promise Breakers Art Show SHAMROCK 2012 on March 17th. The art shows are always a blast…join us!! And it’s free!!

1-10-12: DVDs are now available at The Sound Garden in Armory Square for $19.99 and Books and Melodies on James Street in Eastwood.

12-10-11: Well, the Premiere at The Palace has come and gone! Still in a daze over the whole thing, it was truly a magical night. Many updates on this site, including the addition of a PRESS page, featuring clippings from all the SMEAD articles. There is a holiday sale on SMEAD merchandise, be sure to head on over to the MERCHANDISE page to check it out! Although the premiere is done, this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for future showings and news for SMEAD.

11-5-11: If you live in Oswego County, make sure to pick up a copy of the Valley News! Excellent article about SMEAD in today’s edition!
Click here for the Valley News Online article. The full article is in the paper though, along with a giant pic! How exciting! Also, be sure to check out my new promotional short film for the premiere on the VIDEOS page!

9-30-11: The premiere has been announced!
Click here for the Facebook event page and be sure to respond and share it on your wall!

9-14-11: Added some clips from the bonus disc onto the VIDEOS page!

9-10-11: The DVDs have arrived! The merchandise page is now open, click on ORDER to check out all the cool SMEAD stuff to buy, including the DVD, t-shirts, poster, and buttons! The premiere date should be set soon, hopefully before the snow arrives; you will know as soon as I do!

6-16-11: There is a review of SMEAD in the latest issue (issue #40) of SHOCK CINEMA MAGAZINE! And, as an update for everyone that is wondering; I am in contact with a replication company, and am soon preparing the layouts and such for the DVD replication. Once I have the DVDs in hand, I am going to contact venues (starting with The Palace, my #1 choice) for the premiere. Probably looking at mid-summer – early fall for the premiere. Cheers!!

4-13-11: Final cut of the film is finished. Still going to be a little while folks, as I have to contact some people about production and distribution, as well as securing a venue for the premiere. Hope everyone is as excited as we are, and for the record, Alan has not seen the movie; he wants to be surprised at the premiere.

3-2-11: Interviewed Al’s long-time friends Jim Drago and Pete Scaffido

2-17-11: Interviewed the charming and talented Mr. Nathan Zadoc Angell today!

1-28-11: Started a YouTube channel just for the movie, nothing up yet, but I will get to it soon :) Please subscribe! SMEAD YOUTUBE PAGE

1-13-11: Interview with the fabulous and surreal Gregg Yeti done!

1-3-11: Interviewed the very talented Grant Waryan the other night. Also, I am setting a deadline for filming at February 28th.

12-4-10: I had to go ahead and disable comments because the only comments being left were spam, and it got a little tiring deleting them every day. Of course, if anyone has any comments or questions, they can check out the Facebook Fan Page , MySpace Page , my own personal Facebook Page , or even just email

11-26-10: In case you didn’t see it, the new music video for SMEAD, featuring the brand new Undergang song, “Made Out The Will” off of their soon to be released CD, Grave Sight, is up on the front page, enjoy!

11-19-10: Coming soon…the official music video for Smead, featuring a brand new song off of Undergang’s upcoming album, Grave Sight. I would also like to say, if anyone has any pictures of Al from the early 80′s, I would greatly appreciate being able to use them, you will be credited and receive a free copy of the DVD, that also goes for any video footage that I might use.

10-9-10: Spent a great evening, camera in hand with Al, Laura, and the one and only Bobby Budd. I have also completed a music video to companion the film. The music video will be released as soon as the newest Undergang CD (as yet untitled) is released, which will be very, very soon. Cheers!

9-14-10: Just wanted to give a heads up regarding comments to this site; with the exception of the main page, comments can be left anywhere on this site (pending approval). However, comments will not be accepted if they are not directly related to the film or Al, and derogatory comments will not be allowed. Also, things are moving along well, been doing dome more editing and will be filming some more soon.

8-21-10: Had an incredible day of filming; let’s just say it involved Al, Oakwood Cemetery and a skateboard…

8-20-10: Wanted to give heads up; shooting for the film to be released early spring 2011; I really want to avoid the snow and make sure I give myself plenty of time to do the best job I can on this film…If anyone has any older pics of Al (especially 80′s) PLEASE let me know! You’ll get credited in the film & a free copy when …it is released :) Goin’ gallivanting around the cemetery with Al this weekend…should be exciting!

7-28-10: I have the buttons, and they are gorgeous! Again, thanks to King Weasel Custom Buttons for making these quality buttons.

7-27-10: Special thanks goes to Tom Carpenter at King Weasel Custom Buttons for designing these fantastic promo buttons, soon to be thrown around and shoved in your face at night clubs and other appropriate places near you!

SMEAD promo buttons

7-25-10: Had a wonderful dinner with Al and his long time friend, Patty Leone. Got some great footage as they reminisced on their 20-plus year friendship. Also did a man on the street interview with Dee Thorpe Saturday night.

7-20-10: Well, the site is up and running finally. I have submitted the movie info to the IMDB, cross your fingers! Have a dinner planned this Sunday with Al and his long time friend, Patty Leone…and yes, the camera will be running as they reminisce. Also, the comments are turned off for the home page, but feel free to leave comments on any of the other pages. Also, just added a link to Shock Cinema Magazine for giving a shout out to my film, “An old Syracuse, NY friend of mine, Al Smead, is the focus of an upcoming new documentary — entitled SMEAD. Al is a true original (as well as one hell of a nice guy), and I wish both him and director Courtney Angell plenty of success with it.”

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